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It's hospitality, taken care of.

Yummy Jobs works with hospitality brands across the USA.

At Yummy Jobs International, we specialize in creating new H-2B programs and providing support and a higher level of service than our competitors.  We can help you to improve your existing program and support you with our expansive candidate pool.  We have a network of over 600 workers in Jamaica and connections in other countries where the art of hospitality is a focus. Due to our diligent recruitment process, we can also offer employers the opportunity to travel internationally in order to recruit in-person. This will be in the form of recruitment/career days, private visits, and industry events.

  • Our US Team has collectively over 29 years of experience recruiting, managing, and processing H-2B programs and participants.
  • We all have previous careers in luxury 4-star, 4-diamond properties and have created many successful H-2B work programs.
  • Our candidates look forward to being a part of the Yummy Family and are eager to work with your company for multiple years as a part of your team as well.
  • We have a pool of H-2B candidates that range from new to the program to seasoned, trained workers with over 20 years of work experience in the US.
  • Our team of experts will support you through the entire program and offer personalized service to you and your operational managers.

Full list of eligible Countries as of November 2022.

Andorra The Kingdom of Eswatini Madagascar Saint Lucia
Argentina Fiji Malta San Marino
Australia Finland Mauritius Serbia
Austria France Mexico Singapore
Barbados Germany Monaco Slovakia
Belgium Greece Mongolia Slovenia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Grenada Montenegro Solomon Islands
Brazil Guatemala Mozambique South Africa
Brunei Haiti Nauru South Korea
Bulgaria Honduras The Netherlands Spain
Canada Hungary New Zealand St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Chile Iceland Nicaragua Sweden
Colombia Ireland North Macedonia Switzerland
Costa Rica Israel Norway Taiwan*
Croatia Italy Panama Thailand
Czech Republic Jamaica Papua New Guinea Timor-Leste
Denmark Japan Peru Turkey
Dominican Republic Kiribati Philippines Tuvalu
Ecuador Latvia Poland Ukraine
Ecuador Liechtenstein Portugal United Kingdom
El Salvador Lithuania Republic of Cyprus  Uruguay
Estonia Luxembourg Romania  Vanuatu

** Exempt from the H-2B cap as of November 2022

How it works?

  • Full-service program support to your HR team including compliance guidance, documentation, and recruitment.
  • Top immigration attorney representation
  • In-person support for arrivals and departures
  • Seasonal agreements for partnerships

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It's hospitality, taken care of.